Fast Fast Fast

Welcome back to the Women’s National Team (insert crying emoji face + big smile face).

Although I already knew this — but now feel the need to reiterate it — these women are good, and fast! Fast fast fast! Did I say fast?! Lil Meggie just out here trying to keep up!!! I mean, don’t get me wrong, I have been working hard and I am in a great spot — I feel fast, strong and ready — but you just can’t replicate The Gals running you down, my goodness!

I have faced something similar to this at every stage of my rehab — whether that was starting to run again, or striking a ball — but it is a different animal when you have to put it all together, and do that while playing against the best players in the world and trying to get back to being one of those players yourself.

My calf got mad at me, and my quad caught wind of the calf catching some extra attention and invited herself to the party as well — thanks, girls.  But I can feel it coming back. I can feel the ball pop off my foot like it used to, whipping in a corner kick. I can feel the ease with which I change direction and switch the ball to the other side of the field. All of a sudden it hits me that I haven’t thought about my knee in 30 minutes and I look down to make sure it hasn’t fallen off.

I am still very thoughtful and deliberate about the process, respecting each step and really listening to my body. This approach is my guide to when I can go and when I need to rest.  There have been some rest days here in camp, ones that I did not want, and ones that were incredibly frustrating having to take, but that’s part of it. This has been a part of the recovery from the first day.

I’m trying to be positive but sometimes it’s really hard. I just want to PLAY!!!!

So, overall, this has been a challenging camp for me, but a really important one.  I am so close and getting closer every day, but the steps at the end are always small.  Overall, it’s pretty freaking awesome that I am in camp, fully training, contact, and fighting for a spot to RIO! I can’t wait to see what these next few weeks have in store for me.