I’m nervous, I can’t lie about that. I can’t sit here and tell you that it doesn’t cross my mind, that I don’t worry about it, that I don’t think about it. When I plant and cut, take a touch to strike a ball, run up the stairs, or sit cross legged. But it’s part of it isn’t it? It’s part of coming back from a major injury, an injury that has kept me out of the game for months. It’s getting that confidence back, and feeling free again. It’s all part of training your body to remember these movements so often and so naturally, so your mind doesn’t have to.

Don’t worry, I’m enjoying it as well! I am back in National Team camp for the first time in months, and it feels like I haven’t missed a beat. The jokes with my teammates have come back as easy as throwing the boots on again. While I know their faces have brought a renewed energy for me, I have an inkling that feeling is mutual. Its starting to feel real. Really real. It’s time y’all. From this point forward I now consider myself in #RIOMode, and I think you should too!



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