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This page isn’t meant to provide stats, but if you’re looking for Megan’s career stats and achievements there is certainly a long-standing Wikipedia account with every stat of Megan Rapinoe that you will ever need!

Instead of statical numbers and lists of achievements, we want to provide a deeper knowledge of who Megan is and why she started this company.

Yes, Megan Rapinoe is a successful women’s soccer player who has achieved a gold medal in the women’s World Cup and Olympics. But, for those of you who have followed Megan over the course of her career, know that she is so much more than a successful soccer player. She is an advocate for equality in every aspect of the word– women’s rights, LGBTQ rights, racial justice, refugee rights, and many more forms of equality across our globe. Her approach to the world is simple– be kind, be authentic, and help others do the same.

With the help of her twin sister, Rachael, Megan has been able to intersect her passion for humanity and authenticity by creating their company, Rapinoe SC, LLC. The ultimate mission of their brand is to help people of all ages and backgrounds tap into their own individuality and uniqueness by living in the true essence of Being Your Best You.


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ABOUT Rachael


There is also a Wikipedia account of Rachael which, for the most part, lists accurately her career statistics and achievements. However, similar to above we want to provide you a deeper understanding of who Rachael is and why she decided to quit her previous job a year ago and dedicate her career to running this company.

Rachael has tapped into her passion for humanity in various ways throughout her life. Whether it’s coaching, training, domestic and international humanitarian work, or building a brand based on the fundamental value of Being Your Best You. She lives in continual effort and pursuit of tapping into the best version of herself, and helping others do the same.

Fall of 2016, Rachael abandoned her previous career endeavors to help bring Rapinoe SC to life. More than a year later, Rapinoe SC has brought thousands of adults and youth together celebrating sport, female and youth empowerment and individuality.


About the company



Everyday, we strive to be movers, shakers, innovators and leaders by creating products that resonate with people of all ages and backgrounds. We want to take the best version of who we are and connect it with the world.

So what do we actually do? We sell Rapinoe inspired and designed lifestyle apparel, run Rapinoe training events coast-to-coast, and run year-around performance training programs.



“My career thus far as a footballer is literally a dream that has come true. As a kid growing up in Redding, California, this beautiful game has led me around the globe and into the path of so many wonderful people. Certainly, I have worked hard and earned these opportunities but I also believe I am lucky to be living my dream in an environment that embraces and celebrates who I am as a gay female athlete. I am lucky and privileged to be given the platform and the opportunity to speak out on issues of equality and human rights. I have had the opportunity to work with organizations such as HRC, LA Gay and Lesbian Center, GLSEN, and iACT and be a part of their mission of equality for all people.” — Megan Rapinoe

“Be your best you.”

—Megan Rapinoe

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