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Soccer & Performance Training Clinic

University of Portland

June 16-17, 2018

Portland, OR

Hey, Portland! We're so excited to announce the University of Portland Pilots Women's Soccer x Rapinoe SC partnership! We'll be helping with their Elite Performance Clinic in June. Join the fun and elevate your game in Portland! #GoPilots


Soccer & Performance Training Clinic

Seattle, WA

July 1, 2018


Seattle, WA

Hey, Seattle! We are SO excited to do another soccer and high performance training clinic in the PNW! Get ready for some elite and premium performance and soccer training. Elevate your game and Be Your Best You. Sign up today!


Starting this week, enjoy 50% off our Seattle Training Clinic if you bring your bestie! This BYOB (bring your own bestie) sale is valid through May 23rd. Claim your spot, and snag another spot at half the price! GO NOW!

Our East Coast Training Tour (NY, MA and NJ) will be comin’ at ya this Fall, after the #USWNT’s World Cup Qualifiers! Pre-registration is now open. Space will be limited at these soccer clinics, so snag your spot!


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Showing the best version of yourself to the world is bold. If only we all have the strength to do this. Why is it that a lot of us aren’t able to show our truest selves to the people around us? Because, it’s really hard.

You know what we say to things that are hard? Today is the start of anything– it’s YOUR day to be YOU. That is easier said than done, we know, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be done. Don’t forget, there is only one of you out there. Which means, your gift to the world is you.

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